It was a beautiful winter day at the station when we were 'taken over' by the Music Appreciation Class of teacher Brooke Mason from Sipsey Valley High School. The kids were given a crash course in radio: radio sales, radio production and on-air procedures. The students involved in the 'take over' were Correy McGee, Dakan Smith, Miriam Gonzales, Antun Richey, Tra'Kiena Dawson, Megan Williams, Jeremy Tindle, Alydia Savage, Zach Ramsey, Lexi Templeton, Jonah Duffy, Nathan Schofield, Jasmine N. Ware, Angel Louk, and Thomas Vaughn.

They were shown how a voice can be made to say pretty much anything with the right person and equipment.

They were also able to 'goof off 'on the mic. It was a fun day with the youth of our community and a pleasure to be able to answer the questions they had.

If your school or organization would like to schedule a tour of the radio station call 205-345-7200.

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