This weekend, I went to Atlanta. While I had a great time, I couldn't help but notice one major fact.  Well, major to me anyway.... MY SKIN LOOKED HORRIBLE!!!Now, I've always been one to wear makeup sparingly.  I use it to enhance, never to hide.  I see skin issues as more of a chemical issue than one that should be covered. However, I found it extremely odd that my face only appeared red and shiny on my cheeks when we were in the A.  And I'd taken and used my own regular personal products, as hotel products are often mush more harsh than I like. As soon as we returned home, my face returned to normal.  Crazy, right? Maybe not.

According to Life Script, traveling can cause your skin to break out, as changes of environment – humidity, weather or even water  – can trigger acne. I'm not sure if what I experienced was acne, as I didn't have any bumps; it just seemed as if my skin was irritated.  It didn't hurt or itch. Just looked shiny and red. And as much fun as I had with my family, I was too happy to come back home and have my skin return to normal.

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