Tonight, after a LONG day out, I returned home and went through the mail. One item said it was from a check department.  So,  I opened it first.

As it turns out, a credit card company sent me a refund less than $2 because I apparently paid more in interest than I was supposed to during a particular time.

My first mind said it cost the company more than $2 to send me the check  when you factor in the preparation, printing, and the cost of the meter.

But what also came to mind is that this company must truly value its customers and that there's no way in the world I would have taken the time to make good on $2 owed to someone if I was a business entity. Of course,  this made me think even more.

What is the minimum about I could owe before I'd feel the need to make a refund? I decided that $5 was probably the minimum and that anything less wouldn't be worth my time.  In all actuality, the smallest discrepancy is worth straightening. I just don't think I would have done it. Looks like I'm not as integritous as I thought.

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