Snoop Dogg is laid back with his eyes on more than his money these days after breaking a Guinness World Book record for mixing the largest Gin and Juice cocktail ever this past weekend. The catchphrase became a popular sing-along from his 1994 hit Gin and Juice on his debut album 'Doggystyle.'

And to make history, his homie Warren G, along with Top Chef’s Michael Voltaggio, Kim Kaechele and Randall Coleman helped create the drink for Snoop, which earned the honor of becoming the 'largest paradise cocktail' on record.

The epic Gin and Juice cocktail contained roughly 145 gallons of liquid. and Snoop was awarded an official certificate of achievement for the massive concoction while on stage.

The one question that has been bugging me is....Who's going to drink this? With it being the world's largest cocktail, how many people will it accommodate?

All I can say is.... I want some!


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