Snoop Lion makes a powerful video for his single, ‘No Guns Allowed,’ with images from horrific incidents in America -- from the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown Conn., to Columbine, the rapper wants viewers to recognize how important gun control should be in our country.

Drake joins the West Coast rhymer with a simple black backdrop behind them, while Snoop’s daughter Cori B. sings along with a small choir during the chorus. Throughout the clip, there is news coverage of several shooting incidents, a young child is seen curiously inspecting a gun and a speech from President Barack Obama is heard.

'No Guns Allowed' is off Snoop Lion's reggae and dancehall-inspired album, 'Reincarnated,' due April 23. He's come a long way from his ‘Gin and Juice’ days.

                   Watch Snoop Lion's 'No Guns Allowed' Video Feat. Drake & Cori B.