This past Saturday was just a drill!

We were told last week that we could possibly get some snow flurries, however, this time, all news outlets that gives weather is saying snow on Tuesday!

It's reported that some light precipitation will accompany this front that will be arriving on Tuesday,  beginning in the form of rain, it will turn into snow.

As always, the snow is not the only problem!  The temperature is going to be the bigger problem. Right now, they don't know exactly how much snow we'll get but the temperature WILL drop through out the day!  Some travel issues is very possible from the light rain/snow with a rapid temperature drop by the afternoon and evening hours, it's expected to be in the sub-freezing range.

Please be safe and if you don't have to be outside, don't be.  Tuesday afternoon, going into the evening, look for temperatures to be in the 20's!

I DO expect for officials to start announcing school closures as soon as Monday afternoon. As well as a low amount of bread, milk, eggs and beer!

Be safe and make sure you download our app so you can stay updated with the latest weather!