This week, I have been tagged in photos that have had nothing to do with me. I thought it was odd but figured the people must have wanted to make sure I saw the pictures. I questioned why there was such a sudden interest in me, but I didn't make a big deal out of it.

I've noticed that some people have been tagged in photos they were not in, but it was none of my business. So, I didn't ask any questions.

Then today, I went to post a picture and it tagged someone who was not in my picture.

I then said in my traditional mother's voice, "Oh, Facebook just tags who it wants to tag, huh?"

You know the tone.  It's the one that makes you want to retract whatever it was you'd done, except in my case, Facebook didn't care.

I deleted the post and went to post it again, and just as sure as I uploaded the picture, the tag came along again. So, I figured Facebook just wasn't going to stop and just went on an untagged the woman.

But really... Facebook is just tagging whomever it wants to tag, huh?



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