By now, we've all heard how employers use your social media (or lack thereof) in hiring practices. But did you know that what you put out there can also affect your insurance rates??? What we're about to tell you is eye opening!

Of course, we all know that the things we put out there can have negative influences on people we might like to impress, but many of us don't think about the impression made upon people we DON'T care to impress! As long as we're able to pay our bills, the people we pay shouldn't care about how we live our lives, right? Well, that might be accurate for everyone EXCEPT for our insurance carriers.

An article by Life Insurance Posts lists how our social media profiles might play into our insurance rates. Things taken into consideration include pictures that display the risks we take with our lives, our relationship statuses, what types of pets we have, and even what charities we support!

Check out this entire list as well as the subsequent suggestions to prevent social media hurting your insurance rates. Be sure to help someone else by sharing this article.

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