A lot of times there are no real repercussions to the person that cheats with a married person.  However, that isn't the case for a guy in North Carolina!

There was this couple in Durham, North Carolina, Keith and Danielle King, three years ago, his wife Danielle had an affair with a guy named Francisco Huizar.

Not sure if you know this but North Carolina is one of a handful of states that lets people SUE over breaking up their marriage   It's called "alienation of affection".  If you are a side piece, you may want to keep reading!

Last year, Keith filed a lawsuit against Francisco for seducing his wife and ruining not only his marriage but his life! After Keith found out about the affair, he and Danielle separated, his business started tanking, and he said he even developed PTSD.

And last week, a judge sided with Keith . . . and awarded him $8.8 MILLION from Francisco.

Francisco's attorney says they're planning to appeal.

You can read more here

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