Stacey Dash, who was a staunch Republican and Donald Trump supporter, was canned by Fox News reports the political news website The Hill.

Apparently, the network didn’t want to renew Dash’s contract after being a pundit on the the afternoon talk program, Outnumbered, for three years. The news comes after Dash celebrated her 50th birthday on Jan. 20, so we can only assumed that this was Fox News' birthday gift for her. We are just saying.

The actress, who is best known for her character Dionne in the 1995 comedy, Clueless, was often criticized for her uninformed comments and conservative opinions on Fox News. Folks on Twitter also took great pleasure in dragging Dash on their timelines. But her harshest critic, veteran rapper Willie Dee, proudly dissed her for her coon-ish behavior on his vitriolic song "Coon."

When news broke that Dash was no longer on Fox News Black Twitter obliterated her with too much slander. "Stacey Dash did all that tap dancing for Trump, only to get fired on day 2 of Trump being in office LMAOOOOO," tweeted one user. Another person wrote, "Stacey Dash got fired from fox that's funny too bad me & the black community don't know her."

Another commenter added, "I ain't got nothing to say about #StaceyDash She cooned and got paid. She 50 and fine and I'd smash. Other than that she can go to hell."

Check out some of the people's reactions to Stacey Dash getting booted from Fox News below.

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