As a general rule, most of us know our bodies as adults... Because we've lived with them all of our lives, right?

But have you ever gone to a doctor and described what you were feeling only to be told that "it must be" something you knew it wasn't? You wonder, "How the heck did you get to be a doctor? You went to school THAT long and paid THAT MUCH money to not even be able to diagnose me properly?"

Oh, it's just me? Whatever.

Well, check this out.... Here's one where I'm sure more people can relate.
You have small or rolling veins. Sometimes both.

During an exam, blood has to be taken. Before you're ever stuck, you say, "This is where most have been successful." You show the phlebotomist the best place to pull blood.

Do they stick you there? Of course not. They stick where they want. And when they're unsuccessful, they try another site, which also isn't where you showed them. After failing there, they MIGHT try where you initially said.

Why should it take all that, especially when you tell them where they'd have success from the jump?

Do you have any experiences where "the expert" didn't follow your advice, but you were right? Tell us about it.

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