We all remember Stacey Dash as the ditzy friend in 'Clueless', however, for the past couple of years she's been a conservative contributor for Fox News. Now, Fox has decided to not renew her contact for this year.

Since being at Fox News, Stacey has had a lot of controversial television moments. She even went as far as saying  we should put an end to  Black History Month and the BET Awards. After making such erroneous comments, she caught a lot of backlash on popular social networking app, Twitter.

After being suspended for saying President Obama didn't give an (expletive) about terrorism, she hasn't been on the show since September of 2016.

However, the 50 year-old actress, still has Fox News listed in her Twitter bio.

So far, neither Fox nor Dash has released a statement about them parting ways.


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