Around mid-April, students at Stillman College were informed that measures were being taken to insure they'd be equipped to continue in their pursuit of higher education. They were told that every student was eligible to receive a Chromebook as well as money deposited into their bank accounts.

An email stated,

The U.S. Department of Education, US Congress, and the President have made funds available to provide some support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students were instructed to follow specific steps to make sure funds would be deposited into their bank accounts, and any student who didn't have a bank account was encouraged to one as quickly as possible.

Stillman administration also purchased Chromebooks to distribute to each student to aid in the completion of the spring semester and summer courses if so desired.

Additionally, numerous video conferences were held to assist any student who may have had questions.

This is but one way Stillman College has expressed not only a desire to see students succeed but also measures of keeping students safe by making online education accessible for all.

Any student currently enrolled at Stillman College who has not replied to this correspondence should do so immediately.

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