You know, in my time I've done some mean things BUT never thought of anything like this!  Can you imagine how mad this person must have been??  My question is, who are they mad at?  Everybody??

So apparently, a Student put laxatives in the lunch lemonade!!  How crazy is that??   Check this video out below!! OMG!!  Hopefully, you don't have a weak stomach! This video has been going viral!

Can you image being at school and getting ready to go to lunch, talking and laughing with your friends.  You sit down, still laughing and talking to your friends.  You all start eating and and drinking and half way through the meal, something happens.  Your stomach starts to feel REALLY bad, then you look around not just your table but the EVERYONE in the lunch room is grabbing their stomach as well.  Suddenly, everyone starts to either moan, get up and ATTEMPT to make it to the rest room. Everyone is sick, how, why??

Only one person knows what's going on and if you ask me, I would think that it was the person behind the camera.  That seems to be the only person that knows what is going on. Apparently, a student put laxatives in the lunch lemonade!!  How crazy is that??

I bet this is one time the wish they has milk instead!! Again, hope you have a strong stomach! Video compliments of Futé.