Former Death Row Records CEO and rap mogul Suge Knight has lost access to phone calls and non-attorney visitors at the request of sheriff's investigators. Court records show that Los Angeles Superior Court Judge William C. Ryan cut Suge Knight's access last Friday (Jan. 29).

The order was granted on the request of a sheriff's detective who is investigating Suge Knight's much publicized murder case. Knight was charged with running over two men and killing one outside of a Compton burger stand in January of 2015. Knight is being held on $10 million bail and has pled not guilty. Knight has contended that he was fleeing from armed attackers when he ran over the two men.

Under this new order, Suge Knight has lost all mail, phone and visitation privileges with the exception of his lawyers. His attorneys may only visit him during regular visiting hours. And while Knight can speak to his representation by phone, they are not allowed to conduct a conference call or transfer a call.

This news comes just a few weeks after Suge Knight fired his attorney Thomas Mesereau and hired Stephen Schwartz in his place. Mesereau was best known for representing Michael Jackson in the child molestation case and getting the singer acquitted.

TMZ reported that Suge Knight fired Thomas Mesereau over an argument regarding confidential information. A source said that Knight felt that Mesereau gave the information to authorities and was enraged by this.

Suge Knight is currently scheduled to be back in court on Feb. 22. Knight is facing a potential life sentence if convicted.

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