I know everyone is tired of me BUT … the cost of eggs has gotten way out of control. I typically have 2 to 3 eggs each day for breakfast. But, I’m highly considering changing my breakfast routine.

It Doesn’t Seem Like the Price of Eggs Is Going Down

Rather each week, it gets higher and higher.

I’m sitting here in my FEELINGS because I just paid over 5 dollars for a dozen of eggs. To give you some perspective in Orlando, Florida a dozen eggs is over 6 dollars. My friend in California told me that during her last grocery shopping haul, she paid over 7 dollars for a dozen of eggs.


Now, you know I love to reminiscence, back in 2013 a dozen was $1.91, in 2003 it was $1.24, in 1993 the cost was $0.91, in 1983 it was a low cost of $0.89,” according to In 2013 Dollars.  


But Why, Are Egg Prices So High?

Should we blame inflation? The short answer is NO there are other factors.

Fortune gives us some insight into why prices are so high for eggs. “A lingering bird flu outbreak, combined with soaring feed, fuel, and labor costs, has led to U.S. egg prices more than doubling over the past year, and hatched a lot of sticker shock on grocery aisles.”

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AP News reported that “more than 43 million of the 58 million birds slaughtered over the past year to control the virus have been egg-laying chickens, including some farms with more than a million birds apiece in major egg-producing state like Iowa.”

Shame on Me!

I’m over here complaining about egg prices. But, I didn’t stop to consider the impact that it has on farmers and restaurant owners.

(Source) Click here for more details from In 2013 Dollars - Official Data at Alioth LLC.  Click here for more information from AP News. Click here for more details from Fortune.

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