Calling all Southern Soul and line dance lovers... It's time to party like back in the day, and the location is the City of Aliceville!

Saturday, January 4th, the Aliceville Entertainment Complex is going to be PACKED!

T.K. Soul and Carlos Vegas will do the first big concert of the new year!


Yep, it's going to be a good night.  If you know the steps to the Bama Boogie, go ahead and make plans to do it at the show.  You never know, it could make it into one of Carlos Vegas' next promotional videos.

If you don't know the dance, you have a few days to learn it.

Now, if you're in it for those who've been on the scene for decades, you're probably ready to get into the Zydeco and party like back in the day with T.K. Soul!

There is a limited number of advance tickets on sale at Royal Style Studio and Taggart's Salon in Aliceville and at at Lanier Automotive in Tuscaloosa.

Enjoy the first weekend of the new year with old fashioned fun!

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