Taco Bell has announced even more menu cuts, including one of its most iconic items.

The Mexican Pizza will soon be removed from Taco Bell's lineup. Thrillist reports the fast-food chain decided to nix the pizza as a way to streamline its menu. Taco Bell adds the packaging of its Mexican Pizza isn't environmentally friendly, and taking the steps to eliminate it from its restaurants will reduce the company's carbon footprint.

Taco Bell is also removing shredded chicken and pico de gallo from its restaurants.They're adding a Chipotle Chicken Melt, Quesalupa, Green Sauce, and a new Dragonfruit Freeze to the menu, but...

This isn't going to cut it for me.

I LOVE Mexican Pizzas from Taco Bell. When I make a run for the border, I order a Mexican Pizza.


I love the Mexican Pizza. I love it sober, and that says a lot. I willingly order a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza without any alcohol in my body whatsoever.

How am I supposed to make it now? How can I get through 2020 when this year has already taken so much from me?

Am I supposed to learn how to make my own Mexican Pizza? How will I ever replicate its sloppy, disgusting perfection? Can I pay Taco Bell employees to make me pizzas on the DL?

Taco Bell, WHY?

Why take the Mexican Pizza from us? Haven't we suffered enough?

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