Six Things I’m Thankful For
I don’t have the time to elaborate on the many wonderful things I am thankful for this year. So I will break it down to ten.

Successful hip replacement surgery
My parents are healthy
My children and grandchildren
The wonderful meal I’m having today
My job

Thanksgiving b…
Thankful for Tuscaloosa
Known as the ‘Druid City’, Tuscaloosa is home to beautiful water oaks, interesting people and feels large enough to enjoy diversity but small enough to feel like you know everyone. T-Town isn’t free from minor aggravations experienced in any community...
Things I Never Knew About Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving etiquette: There is Thanksgiving etiquette and there’s African American etiquette. I know this because I stumbled on a TV show talking about Thanksgiving etiquette and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing. So I grabbed my laptop to research Th…
Thanksgiving Dinner Is The Same As 9 Large Orders of Fries
Experts say 'portion control' is the key to avoiding weight gain during the holidays, which they also claim, most people never lose afterwards.
With that in mind, controlling portions might be a little difficult if, as Time Magazine asserts, our Thanksgiving dinners are the same as eating one of the …

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