Everyone knows I have a big heart,  and I'm a major proponent of enjoying leisure time. But one of my biggest problems is I don't take good care of myself.

When I say I don't take care of myself,  it goes far beyond having "me time." I don't sleep much and don't do much for myself in comparison to how much I do for others. I often delay going to the doctor until something is wrong because I think my service to others is more important than what I do for myself. That stops today.

Don't get me wrong, I KNOW what it's like to have insurance but not the copay. To fear asking for a day off for self care, to think of 100,000 other things that "need" to be done with the time and the money, but those 100,000 things will still exist for someone else to do if you're no longer living or if you are incapacitated.

Do yourself and those you love a favor. Take the time (and set the money aside if necessary) to take care of YOU!

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