Ferguson Celebrates Thanksgiving Amongst Turmoil
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Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away, by now, we should know what NOT to talk about, to keep the peace at the Thanksgiving table, right???  



So, if you need something to talk about, here's a few safe things to talk about on Thanksgiving! TV shows, hollywood news, football, and the weather.

Boring, but safe!!  Now, here are five NOT-so-safe topics that you might want to avoid . .



1.  Politics-  If you do talk politics, be respectful.  Don't take the same tone with your relatives as you would with a random idiot on Facebook. If you know their views are the  opposite of yours, you might want to just avoid it altogether.

2.  Family gossip.  Just do it while you're eating.  If you want to complain to someone about how your cousin still owes you that $500 you lent him, do it later.  Not in front of the whole family.

3.  Anything about religion that might be controversial.  Like if your whole family is religious, but you decided you're an atheist now.

4. weight.  Joking about how out of shape you are can make other people self-conscious about their OWN weight.  People are GOING to overeat on Thanksgiving, so don't make them feel extra-guilty about it.

5. An Ex-  Now, this goes out the window if your family member invited your ex for Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is about giving THANKS and being grateful.  I'm sure some great things happened to you this year, talk about that!  Not bragging about what you have or what your kids are doing.  Someone else might be having a rough year.