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Coca Cola, America's favorite drink does so much more than just quenching your thirst!


For years, there was always that question, Pepsi or Coca Cola.  For years growing up, Pepsi was my favorite, mainly because it was my Mom's favorite.

When I moved to the south, I decided to betray my "favorite drink" and try a coke! However, I am amazed at how it works with different chemicals and materials, I'm going to try some of these!


1 Removes baked on grease

When you have an impossible-to-clean grease stain that got baked on. Easy fix! Soak your baking sheet in a Coca-Cola bath overnight and the chemicals will help loosen some of those stains. You’ll need to do a little scrubbing, but that pan should begin to look like new once again.

2 Takes rust off bolts

Have some stubborn bolts that need to be loosened? Don’t go for pliers in the toolbox. Head to the fridge instead. The phosphoric acid in a can of Coke can remove the rust from metal. You’ll need to soak it for several hours, or even overnight, but the rust should easily scrub off with a brush after you’ve soaked it long enough.

3 Removes grease stains

Coca-Cola can cut through baked-on grease on your favorite cookie sheet, but it turns out that’s not the only place it fights grease. If your clothes have any grease stains, you can actually get rid of them with the bubbly soda. For the best results, apply lightly to a fresh grease stain and let it sit for a few minutes. According to MSN, if the spot discolors, that means it’s working. After a few minutes, just add to the wash and launder as usual in the warmest recommended water for the clothing article


 Man, this isn't even half of the stuff Coca Cola can do!  To read the entire story, Click here