The Blue Pride Marching Tigers of Stillman College participated in a battle of the bands over the weekend and made everyone proud!

Now, if you're not really into bands until they dance, this may not be the post for you; but if musicianship is your thing, you're in for a real treat!

When Stillman College restarted its football program in 1999 after a hiatus of decades, musicians from across the country took a greater interest in attending the institution and putting their talents to use, even though the band program was already in existence.

The football program was placed on hold again, and one would think the marching band would be nonexistent, but its recent performance at the battle of the bands proved otherwise.

Under the leadership of Edward "PJ" Howard, the band produced a sound that was simply melodic! No raucous brasses or overpowering drums. No woodwind squeaks.  Just... Look, just check it out:

No doubt about it, these students and their director put in work!  We can see and hear it!  Great job, Blue Pride Marching Tigers!

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