Back in the day, when the circus arrived via the train to down town Birmingham. Kids would say "The Circus is Coming The Circus is coming". Those days have long since passed.

The Ringling Bros. circus is closing down after more than 100 years in operation, according to a press release from Feld Entertainment, which has owned the circus for the last 50 years.

High operating costs and the decline of ticket sales "made the circus an unsustainable business for the company," Feld said.

This weekends show at the BJCC Legacy Arena will be the last shows and the Month of May will be the final Curtain call, just to much criticism from animal rights groups, the Ringling Bros. phased out the elephant acts entirely last year, and elephants where really part of what many came for. Also think of the growing Techno of kids these days, The circus just isn't what it use to be

But we have tickets, just join the VIP and you could win a Family pack for this weekends show.

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