The freedom of speech is granted to every U.S. citizen, but in what is probably one of the most counterproductive moves ever, merchandise has hit the market using the phrase "Blue Lives Murder." (Click here to see examples.)

It is understood that emotions are at an all time high and that tempers flare over the long-ignored deaths of unarmed Black men at the hands of police. Thus, attention is being brought to the fact that "Black Lives Matter."

Proponents of law enforcement have taken on the adaptation "Blue Lives Matter" to bring attention to the number of officers killed in the line of duty. However, it is most likely that those who are passionate about their counter fail to realize that the danger of the occupation was brought about by mistrust and officer terrorism.

Though the focus across the world is on the fact that unarmed Black people are being killed by officers and others at an alarming rate and that the perpetrators are rarely brought to justice, it is understood that crooked police harass other people, too. Therefore, there is a disdain or at least a fear of officers by people across many demographics. As we see, fear-- rational or irrational --causes heightened alarm and concern for one's safety. So, unfortunately, some officers are killed in the line of duty.

A sad reality is that we no longer see people as people. We don't consider their families, their hobbies, or anything else when fear and anger set in. We see their positions and the fact that we feel disrespected. This is what causes people to kill others and for officers to be killed in the line of duty. Blue lives do matter, and they need to recognize the humanity of others if they want others to recognize theirs.


It is a very toxic cycle.  However, it is completely unfair to make a generalized statement such as "Blue Lives Murder," as if an officer's main objective is to find a person to kill. While there are some officers who pursue careers in law enforcement specifically to obtain control of power, a vast majority simply want to fulfill a civic duty. "Blue Lives Murder" further perpetuates a hatred for law enforcement, which feeds into the fear that any suspect or person on the scene of a crime could respond with deadly force.

It is that fear that causes the officer to act first. To practice caution is necessary.  To function under fear is unwise.  It is clear that all areas of our law enforcement and judicial system are in need of reform. However, magnifying the belief that police are murderous is counterproductive.  This is not about being against the police.  It's a matter of love vs racism, justice vs injustice, and ignorance vs tolerance. If everything we do is based on emotion, we'll never get ahead.

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