This is in no way a complaint, but most unmarried women have at least one person who sends a "Good morning, beautiful" text to their phones.  This could be the same person who sends it daily, or even multiple people who send them randomly.  But most of us get them.

Sent from the right person, they're endearing.  From the wrong person, it's like *huff* "Him again?"

This morning, I got that text from someone. Oddly, he'd called me and I missed his call.  I called him back, and he didn't answer.  So, when the text came across the home screen on my phone, I responded without opening the whole message.  What happened after that was a morning full of hilarity!


As we all began to notice we were part of a group text, it got even funnier!


See above where one lady said she was in court?

Some of the messages were lost because I have a limit set on my phone.  But since this friend is a truck driver, in one of the messages above, somebody mentioned that he should take us all on a vacation. Somehow, we all had a good laugh out of this and even joked about gathering.


We all laughed about how funny the situation was but all agreed that he was such a good friend and that we'd all remain cool with him, as that's what adults do.  All he did was called multiple women beautiful.  No harm no foul, right?


No drama. No shade.  The fact of the matter is that a single man (or so he says) made a mistake, and we were all able to laugh it off.  This doesn't say that we're planning to share the man, but it says something about the person when all involved are chill and want to remain cool with the individual.  It says something about that person as well as the type of people with whom he interacts. I think we're kinda cool.