"Forbes" released its Celebrity 100 list of the highest-paid entertainers, I'm not going to ruin for you who is number one, however, Steph Curry came in at number 24 finishing the year making 76.9 Million.

The hottest couple in the game made a nice place on the list.  Jay Z came in at number 25, making 76.5 Million and his wife, Beyonce came in at number 35 making 60 million!

GEORGE CLOONEYcame in second with $239 million, thanks to the sale of his Casamigos tequila brand.

DIDDY suffered a massive drop this year, after topping the list in 2017.  Last year, he banked $130 million thanks to a huge tour and the sale of some of his Sean John clothing line.  This year he fell to #32, with a take of $64 million.

DAVE CHAPPELLEDR. DRE, and NAS are tied at 98 (last place) making 35 million each.


Here's the Top 10


1.  Floyd Mayweather Jr.,  $285 million.

2.  George Clooney,  $239 million.

3.  Kylie Jenner,  $166.5 million.

4.  Judge Judy,  $147 million.

5.  Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson,  $124 million.

6.  U2,  $118 million.

7.  Coldplay,  $115 million.

8.  Soccer star Lionel Messi,  $111 million.

9.  Ed Sheeran,  $110 million.

10.  Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo,  $108 million.


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