The Skyland Boulevard Starbucks is open once again!

A week or so ago, the shop unexpectedly closed, leaving the reason(s) why to pure speculation. The closer was first reported on December 10.

The coffee shop located at the corner of Highway 69 and Skyland Boulevard affixed signs to its doors and drive-thru speaker indicating that the store has temporarily closed. There was no explanation for the unexpected closure.

An article by Savannah Bullard reported that even a customer service representative at Starbucks' corporate office call center could not find any trace of information on this specific store location. As the representative indicated that only three locations exist in the Tuscaloosa area: in the Ferguson Student Center and in the Corner SUPEStore at the University of Alabama, and at the corner of Veterans Memorial Parkway and McFarland Boulevard.

However, answers quickly emerged, citing COVID-19 complications.

"We recently learned that a partner at the store received a positive diagnosis for COVID-19, and along with those determined to have been in close contact with them, has been self-isolating at home," Mendes said in a Thursday afternoon email. "As soon as we learned of the diagnosis, we quickly activated our protocols following all recommended guidelines from public health authorities."

Apparently, things are now under control, as the beloved coffee shop is now open to serve commuters and caffeine enthusiasts with an extra jolt to start their day or to provide a pick-me-up during a lull.

Hopefully, the closure didn't cause too much of an inconvenience for its patrons. Should such an event occur again, click here to find the nearest Starbucks.

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