The blind auditions and battle rounds are behind us on Season 4 of 'The Voice' and we're now entering a new phase: the knockout rounds. TKO time, baby! Each coach has eight contestants and they will go up against each other, as the coaches chose the pairings while the contestants pick the song, so at least they get some input. At the end of the knockout phase, only four contestants will remain on each team.

Tonight, Team Adam Levine and Team Shakira competed, wiping out half of their singer hauls.

Here's how things shook out during tonight's (April 29) episode. Team Adam is all girls, BTW!


Amber Carrington vs. Midas Whale: Carrington's mom passed away and Avril Lavigne's 'I'm With You' comforted her. She wanted to twist this pop-rock ballad into a country jam. The folk duo chose Stevie Wonder's 'Higher Ground,' which is not a folk song. But twosome brought the quirk. Despite A. Lev saying that the Whale are unlike anything on the show and beyond, he chose Carrington. It's 'The Voice,' not 'The Voices,' so we get it. [AMBER WINS!]

Amy Whitcomb vs. Caroline Glaser: Whitcomb wanted to show her huge range with 'House of the Rising Sun,' while the coffeehouse singer chose 'Little Talks' by Of Monsters and Men. Both were better in rehearsals than in the 11th hour, but Caroline prevailed because she was more consistent, despite a safe song choice, since she wants to be a folky rocker. [CAROLINE GLASER WINS!]

Judith Hill vs. Orlando Dixon: Both have a tremendous amount of skill, so this was a tough one. Hill sang 'You Were Always on My Mind' by the legendary Willie Nelson, and A. Lev wanted to hear her artistry and maturity. Dixon sang 'All My Life,' in his dreamy, butter smoove R&B voice, but he didn't stand a chance again Hill, a former King of Pop backup singer. Dixon was an underdog from the get-go. [JUDITH HILL WINS!]

Warren Stone vs. Sarah Simmons: Stone, the country singer, sang 'I Just Died in Your Arms,' admitting that he likes to switch things up, by being a country singer attempting rock. Simmons sang 'Wild Horses,' with her rasp and power. Poor Warren didn't stand a chance. [SARAH SIMMONS WINS!]


Garrett Gardner vs. Tawnya Reynolds: This was a guitar battle, as Gardner grabbed a guitar and chose Alex Clare's 'Too Close,' to show he can do something other than raspy vocals, while the Nashville vet strapped on her guitar and sang Pistol Annies' 'Hell on Heels,' which she slowed down a bit. Coach Shakira wanted "to disappeara," since this was a hard choice for her. She picked Garrett, whom she has demonstrated a soft spot for, since he keeps beating people who are just as good as he is, if not better. [GARRETT GARDNER WINS!]

Kris Thomas vs. Mary Miranda: Kris, with his falsetto, sang 'What a Wonderful World,' and he has quite an impressive, high range for a dude, while Miranda belted out the Police's 'Every Breath You Take,' a bitter ballad that was unexpected. Because Kris was further developed as an artist, Shakira chose him. [KRIS THOMAS WINS!]

Karina Iglesias vs. Monique Abbadie: It was the epic battle of powerhouse Latinas, with Iglesias tackling Lenny Kravitz's 'Are You Gonna Go My Way?,' since she is a rocker. Shak told her that she wanted to feel Iglesias' soulfulness. Abbadie sang 'The Power of Love,' which is a belter's track. Iglesias was entertaining, if one-dimensional, while Abbadie had pitch problems. The Queen Latina Shak struggled to choose, but picked Iglesias thanks to her confidence. [KARINA IGLESIAS WINS!]

Sasha Allen vs. Shawna P: This was a toughie. Allen was "too much in her head," overthinking it, while Shawna had to avoid screaming or starting at the top, with nowhere else to go. Allen tackled the standard torchy track 'At Last,' while Shawna P. went with 'Maybe I'm Amazed.' Because she gave Shakira goosebumps twice, Sasha took it. [SASHA ALLEN WINS!]

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