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Guinness World Records


What is the most you would pay for a milkshake?  I'm lactose intolerant so my answer would be zero!

However, in New York City, there's a store call  Serendipity 3 just set the Guinness World Record for the Most Expensive Milkshake. So like me, ,you must be wondering, how expensive could a milkshake be?  The milkshake is a whopping $100!!  Yes, one hundred dollars!!

So again, if you are like me, I know you are wondering what could be in this milkshake to make it so expensive?!

The restaurant just imported the most expensive version of every standard milkshake ingredient. This makes me come to the conclusion that people would do just about anything to get into the Guinness Book World Records!

So, here's the ridiculously expensive ingredients for the milkshake:

Milk from cows in the Channel Islands, ice cream from Tahiti,a rare caramel sauce from Venezuela and Maraschino cherries from Italy, topped off with an edible gold top.

See it for yourself, the video is below compliments of Guinness World Records!