If you laugh when people fall, raise your hand.

If you laugh only after making sure the person who fell is okay, raise your hand.

If you don't laugh at all when people fall, this is NOT the post for you!

I am usually the person who initially looks away to pretend I didn't see the fall. I then gradually ease my eyes in that direction, hoping my peripheral vision will show the person is okay.  If they're not, I attempt to help.  But if they're fine, I generally allow myself a little chuckle.

But with THIS ONE...

Listen!!! It's not the fall that makes it funny.  It's the fall and then the way he hits each step on the glide down!

You have to wonder if the stairs were extremely slick; and if so, what would make a person go down them without holding a rail, which is clearly available?

Would this video be as funny to me if I was the one falling?  ABSOLUTELY!!! I laugh at EVERYBODY... Especially myself!

The only people I don't laugh at are the elderly and the disabled.  Anybody else is fair game.

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