Severe weather is never fun, and after learning we live in 'tornado alley', I decided to make sure I'm always ready. A tornado can happen in an instant, and knock out power and water for days.

So, here's a look at my list of essentials I have just in case severe weather strikes! What do you have in your kit? Let me know in the comments below.

1. Water, water water! You can never have too much bottled water. If you're a consistent bottle water drinker like me, make sure you put your emergency water in a different place.

2. Lighter/Matches! I'm a candle lover, so I always have a lighter hanging around. Candles are great for making rooms smell great, but even better when a storm knocks out your power.

3. Healthy snacks. Pick up more than Doritos and Twinkies ( do they make those anymore?) Make sure you get snacks that can help you maintain energy and keep you full for hours.

4. Board games. What's a life without internet/wifi? A boring one. So make sure you have something to keep you entertained - board games are great and I'm sure you haven't played them in awhile.

5. Portable charger. Make sure you have a charger that doesn't need electricity to make it work. Make sure your portable charger is FULLY charged, or it will just be a waste.

6. Bread and peanut butter. Adulting has you eating fancy meals, but, don't forget a simple meal like a peanut butter sandwich can keep you full. If you're feeling extra fancy, cut the crust off.

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