Steve and me


Today Steve Mezrano comes into the studio and answers your legal questions for free!

Steve specializes in personal injuries, car accidents, wrongful death ..Did you get into a car accident with someone that didn't have insurance? He'll also answer other legal questions, like Did your boss make unwanted advances? All you have to do is call our request line:  205-391-0093!  Our phone lines are powered by Mezrano Law Firm, you can text the same number as well!

Below are some actual questions that he's answered in the past..





"I was recently involved in an accident where I was at fault. It was very low impact, no vehicles were damaged except for a few scrapes in the paint on the bumper, no airbags deployed. The driver of the other vehicle went to the hospital "to be checked out" although he says he wasn't hurt, and I have received a letter from an attorney. It has been forwarded to my insurance company. What do you think is going on? Is he just looking for me to pay for his visit to the ER, or do you think he's trying to sue for pre-existing injuries?"


Just like these questions, he'll answer yours as well!