R&B fans across the world know the sound of Bobby Brown's "Roni." Given the instrumental, most could sing the song word for word (minus the rap part, maybe).

So, it comes as no surprise that this remake, inspired by Brown's hit, is becoming a favorite video for those who've turned to social media as a source of entertainment during this coronavirus outbreak.

Messed you up, right?

Yes, we know that it's grammatically incorrect, but sometimes the wrong way is the right way!

Go ahead and belt it out! "These my only glo-oves... These my only gloves."

Putting the "necessary" are in there is just... Well, unnecessary.

However, wearing gloves when going out in public IS necessary! It's one of the ways you can prevent yourself from picking up germs, coronavirus or otherwise.

Personal protective equipment is most essential, but so is proper use of such. Remember not to eat or scratch your face (or any part of your body for that matter) with your gloves on your hands.

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