True Meaning Of Christmas

People will ask what the true meaning of Christmas is? In a short answer, it is different for everyone.  It could be the gifts under the tree, Christmas cards, Holiday Lights, and other great holiday traditions.  Some narrow it down as a way to celebrate the birth of the Christ child.  For me, it is all those things plus the Joy that the Christmas season brings.  Even though it’s a magical time, it can be a very sad time for many various reasons.  The pressures of holiday traditions can be quite stressful.  Some people don’t have the extra income to buy presents for others.  The sadness of “What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas?” Some fear of being alone during the holidays because some don’t have family or loved ones nearby.  Also, some deal with the grief of missing loved ones that have passed away, regardless if happened years ago or recently.  I totally will be in and out of that space of “holiday grief,” and this year has been much worse than previous yeas, and I have no idea why.  A good friend sent me an article from Bustle, “15 Tips For Coping With Grief, Especially Around The Holidays,” you can check it out here.  I hope this helps you get through this holiday season.  - @MaryKRadio

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