I was brought up during a time when parents and authoritative figures would say, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Therefore, I don't say much about President Trump. I mean, it is what it is.

However, that changes today. This doesn't mean I'll be saying nice things from here forward, but I believe in giving props where they're due.

At the urging of Kim Kardashian, the president has agreed to commute the sentence for Alice Johnson, a 63-year-old grandmother who is said to have been sentenced to life for a drug-related offense.

Currently serving at the federal prison in Aliceville, Ala., Johnson is accused of heading up a multimillion-dollar drug ring. However, other sources say that her role in the operation was a "telephone mule", relaying messages between drug distributors and sellers.  Ms. Johnson is said to have been unemployed, recently divorced and desperate to provide for her young children, and her 1996 arrest was her first offense.

Most would agree that there is a problem in our judicial system, and that prison reform is absolutely necessary.  This looks like a good step in the right direction.

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