We all know that school can be a very tough place to be social and even feel accepted. These Tuscaloosa students go out of their way to make sure their peers feel noticed.

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School can be a tricky place to make new friends, and learn about yourself. Being ostracized and picked on was and is the norm for many when they describe being at school.

I'm glad that students at Tuscaloosa County High school and other schools within the Tuscaloosa County School System don't have to worry about those feelings. This school year, TCSS has their schools participating in what is being called Warm Welcomes.

Tuscaloosa County School System made a post to Facebook about the initiative.

"The goal is for each student to receive four welcomes from four different people, everyday. Everyone plays a part in making this happen - teachers, administrators, support professionals, and of course, other students! " the post read.


I feel this is very important for any student in school. Too often kids don't even want to go to school, not because they don't want to learn and grow their minds, but they can't stand the feeling of being treated badly by others or they just don't feel like they matter.

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Huge shoutout to not only the faculty and staff for getting behind this amazing initiative but the students for doing so as well. It takes a lot of maturity to stop and make sure another student feels noticed and appreciated.

TCSS, Facebook

The post continued explaining that the purpose of Warm Welcomes,  "is to help each student build relationships throughout their school, so everyone knows they are noticed and valued. Ultimately, this supports a culture where students learn, grow, and achieve."

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