I don't know about you, but when businesses and even individuals give back to the community, it makes me more apt to support them.

BonMercy Beauty Bar is currently hosting a drive to collect intimate apparel and toiletries for young ladies.

How can you take part?  Organizer Tiffany Flowers-Hurst will let you know.

Let's face it, the process of becoming a young lady can be awkward enough.  But keeping up with some of the most basic standards can make it even harder.

Have you ever worn an ill-fitting bra?  Have you ever worn one that looked fine when you got dressed and looked in the mirror, but once you got out and moving, you noticed a little "extra" on top of the bra?

Oh, it's just me?

Well, if you can relate, did you immediately throw away the bra when you took it off or did you save it for a laundry day?

Same for panties.  Whose mother did NOT tell them to "always wear clean underwear without holes just in case of an accident?" Yet, you still have a pair or two that linger in the back of the drawer just in case you get low and don't have time to wash.

Now, if that is the case for you as an adult, can you imagine the needs of adolescent young ladies who may not be able to purchase their own? And we're not even going to go into the topic of toiletries.

We have until August 1 to make it happen, but why wait?

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