Remember back when Listerine strips first came out? The fact that they provided a quick mouth refreshening when brushing and rinsing weren’t feasible was music to many ears and joy to many mouths.

Well, have you ever been traveling or shopping and stopped to use a restroom, but there was no soap? There probably wasn’t any hot water either, but we have to stay on target here.

In your moment of despair, did you wish for something similar to the Listerine strips, except for your hands?  Of course you didn’t! You just wished the restroom had soap and opted to use your hand sanitizer.

Well, there is such a thing as soap strips. However, few stores sell them; and those that do often sell out quickly. So, Konekia Williams of Royal Soothing Hands—which already produces some of the best-smelling yet effective hand sanitizers in West Alabama—decided to include them in her inventory!

A few things to consider for use:

  1. Have your soap readily accessible when you enter a restroom. That way, if they’re needed, you won’t have to contaminate anything else to get to them.
  2. Be careful to keep strips away from water until you’re ready to use them. (for obvious reasons)

Here's another beautiful thought: If you have small children who excessively pump the liquid hand soap, you can teach them to simply get one strip to wash their hands.

If you just can’t get with the soap strips but want to make sure you’re able to clean your hands on the go, both sanitizers and soaps are available in methods to keep them on your key chains so they’re readily accessible.

THIS is how you find a niche and work it!

Get more information about all of the products here.

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Health and Beauty Products by Women in West Alabama

Health and Beauty Products by Women in West Alabama


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