The Tuscaloosa City Council is expected to vote on a permanent entertainment district for the downtown area on Tuesday night.

The proposal would allow for an entertainment district that allows businesses to sell alcohol in to-go containers that people can carry around inside the designated area. In the past, this has only been allowed on a temporary basis on the weekends but this vote would allow it to become permanent anytime that bars and restaurants are allowed to sell alcohol.

The Tuscaloosa News has more on the vote, which is also expected to receive some changes from Councilman Kip Tyner prior to a decision being made. The debate is whether the district should scale back the hours to mirror a typical restaurant schedule (ending at 11 p.m.) rather than allowing open containers until 2 a.m. when bars close.

Earlier on Tuesday, Gallettes co-owner Jeff Surkin joined 'The Steve Shannon Morning Show' to discuss the topic and share his thoughts on what will happen. You can hear that conversation in the video below.

Are you in favor of a permanent entertainment district for the city of Tuscaloosa?

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