One would think that in the age of technology, people would understand the importance of using social media responsibly.  However, that just isn’t always the case.

We’ve all seen more than our fair share of fights, drug use, daredevil performances, and just sheer stupidity.

In today’s social climate, it should be understood that not only do employers view the social media of potential employees but they also don’t want to be associated with some acts of their employees.

It’s one thing to share pictures of your family, drinks with a nice meal, political views, or even one’s religious convictions.  It is a person’s right to be who he is.  However, when who he is matches the profile of a person filled with hatred and an unwillingness to learn or even attempt to extend compassion, many companies see how an employee’s actions can affect their bottom lines.

It is important to note that this doesn’t mean the company completely disagrees with the employee’s actions. Unless openly stated, that is not an assumption to be made. What it does mean is that the image displayed by the employee is not one the company wishes to share with its partners or patrons.

This is especially significant when the employee has charge over the health or development of people for which they hold a disdain. There’s no way a racist person should be allowed to teach, as the probability of adequate education is low.  Neither should a nurse be entrusted with the life of a person she deems disposable.

If such individuals see nothing wrong with the contents of their hearts, they should hold fast to their convictions and deal with the consequences.

In today’s edition of “Lack of Social Media Wisdom,” meet the following individuals and remember them.


Would you KNOWINGLY allow anyone who feels this way to have any input into your loved one's life?

If so, that's cool. If not, know that employment is an option and that the employer either values your input or not.

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