Starting Tuesday, June 1, the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter will have adoption deals all month, promoting accessible adoptions by only requiring a small fee of $10.

Each day a certain group of animals will benefit from the low price. All animals available for adoption are located on the TMAS website. 

“Pit Pit Hooray it's Monday'' includes all pit bulls seven months and older. Pit bulls, although some consider them dangerous, can actually be valuable to family homes and are often not as menacing as they seem.


With the right treatment, they are family-friendly and caring toward children. 

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“Summertan Tuesday” allows the adoption of tan, beige or blonde dogs and cats seven months and older for $10. This is a broad range of animals, with several options to choose from.

Most dogs at the shelter are mixed breeds, which gives several characteristics that make them interesting pets.


If an older animal is a better option, on “Throwback Thursday,” dogs and cats four years or older will be available for the special. Older animals usually never get the support they need, with younger alternatives being in the popular eye. However, these animals still need stable homes. 

“Formal Friday” will showcase low adoption rates for black and white dogs and cats aged seven months and older. Another broad range that involves different types of breeds, big or small, young and old, there will be an animal to love. 

The animal shelter also provides other services if a commitment to an animal is wavering. Several animals are also available for fostering. Most foster families receive young animals since they are too young to be in the shelter or put up for adoption. 

For more information on TMAS and the animals it has for fostering and adoption, visit the following links:

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