As many of you know, I'm all about women doing amazing things in the world. When I ran across this story, I just had to share.

Tuscaloosa native and business owner, Erica Grant plans to run for a seat on the Tuscaloosa City Board of Education. She's seeking the District 5 seat which covers the area of Arcadia Elementary School and Alberta City School of the Performing Arts.

I'm new to the area, but even I've heard about the 'bogus' attempts at rezoning students.

Grant is a mother of four and her children attend Tuscaloosa City Schools.

For over a year she's thought about running, and finally decided that she would be a great bridge to connect the needs of parents to the school district.

I think it's an amazing idea that she's running for a school board seat. I hope to hear what other great plans she has for her district. You can't lose when you've got the people behind you!

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