It has been said on numerous occasions that people in Tuscaloosa do not buy tickets in advance.  If that is true (and I believe it is), there is the possibility of something coming up, prohibiting a would-be attendee from coming; but the biggest issue with concert goers buying tickets in advance is the weather.

The fact that most shows are said to be “rain or shine” makes it even more risky to purchase a ticket in advance because if it rains, the paid performer has a covering.  For most local venues, those who paid to see said performer do not have a covering. So, knowing that the show will go on whether there’s a butt in a seat which has been “rented” by the ticketholder makes one apprehensive about paying the price in advance. There are some who will purchase the ticket in advance and just prepare for what MAY come, but the vast majority don’t.

If Tuscaloosa is to be a destination location, there is going to have to be at least one other large venue for rain contingency.  Otherwise, promoters will always take a gamble on attendance.

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