Just in case it’s gone unnoticed, Tuscaloosa Police are doing their due diligence to clean up Tuscaloosa streets!

Last week, officers arrested dozens in some of Tuscaloosa’s most crime ridden neighborhoods; and Wednesday, more arrests were made.

In just two weeks, officers are said to have arrested 65 people on a total of 103 charges, hauling the offenders off to jail in transport vans.

Tuscaloosa Police Chief Brent Blankley said the tactic used served as a message to both lawbreakers and residents who said they don’t feel safe, and Tuscaloosa Police vow to continue to target areas where criminal activity is reported.

It has long been speculated by some communities that the police are targeting residents in these areas; and it is important to note that those who follow the law are the ones the police attempt to protect. Blankley said some people are thanking them while they’re doing the operations, as they’re tired of the criminal activity in their neighborhoods. Source.

Everyone should have the right to live a life that’s free of danger. No one should be afraid to sit in her home at watch television. Walking to a vehicle should never include fear of being robbed or worse.

Some involved in criminal activity honestly feel as if they have no other way.  Depression and distress often lead to drug use and abuse.  The unemployed sometimes feel that because they don’t have reliable transportation, they can’t obtain employment, which leads to theft and robbery.

Unfortunately, round-ups like these contribute to the overcrowding of jails and cause an even bigger issue for the incarcerated who then have fines they can’t pay and get records that make future employment difficult.

Until changes are made to improve communities with high crime rates, the downtrodden will remain “criminals.” If those who made it out of such situations could reach back and pull another out, the cycle can end.

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