These days, we’re all too familiar with hacking and identity theft — just look what the Russians allegedly did during the election. Plus the ongoing investigation that could spell more trouble for the current administration.  I just got some info today about a website you need to know about, as a matter of fact, you need to share this for the benefit of your friends and family.

The site is called Family Tree Now, and they boast the largest collection of genealogy records anywhere, and they’re all 100% free to search. Now here’s the issue, apparently they have all your information, and it’s all there for anyone to view.

I checked out my name and found a full page of my info, my family’s info, and many people I’ve know through the years, including where I live, and where I have lived in the past. Plus, the names of my wife and kids — scary indeed!

Don’t write this off as an isolated incident, because all of this personal info is there for the world to see.

So, if you have checked out this site and your personal information is there, do yourself and your family a big favor, and opt out now. Unfortunately, it may take up to 48 hours for your info to be deleted off the site. Really Scary stuff, I'm just making this stuff up.

Here’s what you need to do to opt out:

Visit follow the four steps, and then click through to begin the opt out process.

After getting yourself safe, make sure you share this page with everyone you know and care about.


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