Anybody can go to a big box store and choose a smooth, orange pumpkin. But really... Where's the fun in that?

Tuscaloosa YFC is holding its annual pumpkin patch at its clubhouse at 1401 McFarland Blvd N; Tuscaloosa, AL 35406.

If you look closely, you'll notice that not only do pumpkins come in a variety of colors, but some of them even have bumpy shells.  There are some which are perfectly round, some shaped more like peppers, and some that are just completely warped.

Sizes vary as well.  If you're looking to use pumpkins for outdoor decor, there are some which may be seen from the road, or if you're looking for one small enough to take 1st Fall photos, you can find that one as well.  Prices are based on the sizes, as well.


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