The University of Alabama Black Alumni Association (UA BAA) will host a “commemoration and wreath-laying ceremony in honor of the 60th Anniversary of inclusion at the University of Alabama,” according to a press release from UA BAA.

This event will take place on Sunday, June 11, at 11:30 a.m. at The University of Alabama Malone – Hood Plaza. It is open to the public with limited seating. (The rain contingency plan is to host the event at the Bryant Conference Center.)

The “Beyond the Doors” anniversary commemoration will honor June 11, 1963, when Dr. James Hood and Mrs. Vivian Malone-Jones registered for classes for the 1963 – 1964 school year. This historic moment “ushered in sustained integration at the Capstone.”

Photo courtesy of The University of Alabama Black Alumni Association
Photo courtesy of The University of Alabama Black Alumni Association

“Commemorating the moment of sustained integration at the University of Alabama that happened 60 years ago to the day on June 11, 1963; is a moment UA BAA could not let be lost during the reunion weekend,” said Stacey Hill, Regional Vice-President, UA National Alumni Association Executive Board.

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The commemoration ceremony will mark the moment with song, poetry, and reflection. It will conclude the “Beyond the Doors” Alumni Reunion.

Hill said, “The anticipation of getting to walk through the doors with fellow Alumni during the ceremony gives me chills just thinking about it.”

The University of Alabama Black Alumni Association, an official chapter of the Alabama National Alumni Association was founded in 2016.  According to a UA BAA press release the organization “seeks to increase alumni engagement, offer student mentoring, and provide philanthropic support.”

Their engagement programs include the Ready for The Real World Career Readiness Seminar, Choosing BAMA, Houndstooth and Heels Weekend, and so much more. Also, UA BAA’s philanthropic support includes the following scholarships.

Pollie Anne Myers-Pinkins AAAN Endowed Scholarship

Jordan J. Edwards Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Boykin F. Hunter-Dave McGlathery Endowed Scholarship

Jennica Kimberly Mancarella Endowed Scholarship

Dianne Kirksey Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Emerging Leaders Endowed Scholarship


“Alumni Reunion at the Capstone is such a special time of reconnection and reflection,” said Hill. Also, the most important part is the “celebration of the rich legacy that our trailblazers of Myers, Lucy, Malone, and Hood started.”

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