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Lets none of us forget this is a grieving mother, wife, daughter and at the end of the day a good human being.
Since the article above, some new information has come out about this tragic story.
Her son was in possession of marijuana when he was killed. 
Ophelia Nichols A.K.A Mama Tot posted this to her social media after the information was released.

"One thing about him, is he was gonna come dressed in his best. Style was important to him. Once he got that age to know what name brand was, it was all over for everyone else.

Ophelia Facebook
Ophelia Facebook

I was forbidden to pick his clothes out once he hit middle school. I loved that about him. Something my own mother did in fact teach me, was when you look good you feel good. Take pride in yourself.

Ophelia Facebook
Ophelia Facebook

All 4 of my children are so different from one another. Different ways to show affection, different dreams and goals. Different ways of handling things. One thing they had in common is that they love people and love life. All you want for them is to be happy. At least I know this past year my son was. He was happy to be out on his own in a nice place with his girlfriend. All he wanted to do was take care of her and that he did. Our family will get through this just like we did when their Dad passed in 2019. We will look for him in anyone and everything. The color blue will be everywhere when we need it to be. His favorite color. Please don’t think badly of my son for the circumstances of how he was taken. We are not ashamed of him, and never will be. When I was 18, I made poor choices myself. I think of the person who did this to my son and have empathy for his family once they find out. although others may not think I should but now there will be two families that are hurt and broken. It won’t just be mine. This person will be held accountable I believe that ,so I will hold my faith close & my family in times of despair. It’s all we have. I am very disappointed in my city right now but I can’t let that turn my heart away from what’s important here. A life. No one’s life should be taken over marijuana or anything else. I have a huge platform and a voice that is heard everywhere. I plan to use that voice in Randons name to help other youth in my city stay on the right track. I will find the perfect nonprofit to stand with, work with and donate to, so that mentorship’s can keep going in hopes it lifts others up just the way I do everyday. Randons name will mean something to others. Thank you to everyone for everything. We love you"

Keep these families in your prayers. Everyone is suffering. 

What are we becoming? Things have to change!

Mobile, Alabama can be a terrible place for young adults! Yes, I said it.

We all hope Mama Tot can use her platform to bring some change.

God Speed. We are behind you Mama Tot.

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