Severe storms impacted the southern region Friday night into early Saturday morning. I encourage you to keep Mississippians uplifted as they are going through a devastating time.

In Alabama, we know about the destruction that severe weather can bring. Yesterday, Mississippi was greatly impacted.



Sunday, our area faces even more severe weather. Click here for more information.

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The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency reported that the storm system “tragically took the lives of at least 23 Mississippians and left dozens more injured, and caused extensive damage to communities across Mississippi.” Unfortunately, as the day continues the death toll could increase.

“The tornado was spotted by chasers and radar confirmed that debris was being pulled up to 22,000 feet. This is indicative of an EF3-plus tornado,” said The Weather Channel.

Mississippi Governor, Tate Reeves, issued a State of Emergency in those counties impacted by those severe storms. In a tweet, he said that “the loss will be felt in these towns forever. Please pray for God’s hand to be over all who lost family and friends.”

The “damage was widespread in the Humphreys County town of Silver City and the Sharkey County town of Rolling Fork. More than a dozen of the victims were in Sharkey County,” said The Weather Channel.

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency tweeted that there are “4 missing due to last night's tornadoes. We have numerous local and state search and rescue teams that continue to work.”

Alabama faces more severe weather on Sunday, click here for the latest information.

(Source) Click here for more from the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency. Click here for more from The Weather Channel.

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